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KenPom Preseason Rankings Place North Dakota 315th

October 27, 2014

As an analytics nerd, KenPom preseason ranking day is like a national holiday. Unfortunately, said preseason rankings echo my preseason preview, and don’t reflect well on North Dakota. The rankings have UND ranked 315th nationally (out of 351 teams) and 10th in the Big Sky (out of 12 teams). The full methodology (or the important parts) can be seen here, and a full listing of the Big Sky team’s rankings is after the jump:

1. Weber State (140th overall)

2. Eastern Washington (201)

3. Northern Colorado (249)

4. Sacramento State (252)

5. Idaho (254)

6. Northern Arizona (255)

7. Montana (264)

8. Portland State (273)

9. Idaho State (281)

10. North Dakota (315)

11. Montana State (327)

12. Southern Utah (341)

The KenPom rankings basically confirm what the human polls and writers have said in that the Big Sky is very closely clumped together. Weber State and EWU look to be the top two teams, but probably six or seven teams are all in the hunt for the next couple spots. His preseason rankings also do not give much weight to recruits outside the top 100, so if a Freshman or two really blows up then that could have huge swings in the race.

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