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Basketball Player Previews: Patrick Mitchell

August 2, 2011

I was going to try to go in some sort of order, but someone requested I do Mitchell next so Mitchell it is:

Overview: The 6’8″ Junior averaged 10.7 ppg and 5.8 rpg for the Sioux, and while he is the tallest player on the roster he is more of an outside threat than an inside one.

What he does well: Mitchell is somewhat of a rarity in low major basketball: a big man who can shoot well. He made 52 of his 140 threes (each the most on the team) for a very good 37.1% clip. Usually either taller or more mobile than the player guarding him, he can get his shot probably more often than he “should” be able to. Mitchell also had 1.6 blocks per game, and a block rate of 6.8% to lead the Sioux and rank 92nd nationally. He’s also a very good defensive rebounder, leading the team with a 19.6% defensive rebounding rate. Only 3 players in the Great West who play as often as he does had a higher rate.

What he doesn’t do well: Not much to be honest. For a player who doesn’t have the ball a ton he turns it over too much (13%) and he struggles at the free throw line (63.8%).

Season Outlook: As a Senior leader, hopefully Mitchell shoots even more threes this year and, given that he does get to the line quite a bit (37.4 FT rate) hopefully he improves his free throw shooting  a bit. Though even if he doesn’t it’s important to note that while Huff is the most talented player on the team, Mitchell is probably its best player.

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